W is for Weather and Words to describe What cats think as they look through Windows

W is for Weather and Words to describe What cats think as they look through Windows








“His mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation
Of the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name:
His ineffable effable
Deep and inscrutable singular Name”
T.S. Eliot ‘The Naming of Cats’

It’s one of the things in life we can’t control-the weather. Determined to explore the surrounding villages by bike -which I had named Jeanne after Jeanne D’Arc, national heroine and fearless visionary- I set out for  the village of Ambillou-Château, only 18 minutes away by bike according to Google Maps.  Naturally, I turned left when I should have turned right and then the rain set in. Undaunted, I continued and even took a selfie at the request of a young friend who said there weren’t enough selfies in my blog. But as much as I enjoyed the rain on my face, its one of life’s simple pleasures after all, I decided to return to the warmth of home and companionship of the cats.
Lisa, a tortoiseshell who tried to sleep as close to my face as possible on the first night and now contents herself with the warmth of my feet each night, loves to sit on the heater and stare out the window. I can’t help wondering what mysterious ponderings take place in the mind of this cat as she stares out the window. Of course there are the self evident ones expressed in the feline mutterings when they see a bird in their garden or the announcement of a visiting cat.

But its those deeper musings that interest me. I recall that scene in the movie ‘The Life of Pi’ where Pi asks the tiger he has called Richard Parker (who is really his animal shadow) what he is staring at when he appears to be so intently focussed on a point in the dark ocean. It soon becomes clear that the tiger is peering into the very heart of the Cosmos.
But I have no words to describe Lisa’s mental and philosophical process, it is as ineffable and mysterious as the cat herself.

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