Q is for Quotidien

Q is for Quotidien







I’ve  always loved this word which is French for daily. When thinking of it now, I reflect on my daily routine and how changeable it can be in a life of constant travel. Yet there is a constancy in some components; tea, coffee, meditation, writing, are woven either around travel or caring for pets while their owners are away. And maintaining the daily routine for the pets is an important part of getting them to settle and trust me.  The word also makes me think of the different daily routines I’ve had at different stages and times of my life. Some of them were quite fixed and I believed them to be essential to a productive day. But as we know routines can either support or suppress a healthy life, just as change can be upsetting or liberating. I live life on the liberating end of the scale now.

“Give us this day our daily bread” from the ‘Our Father’  asks us to think about what nourishes us-our body, mind and spirit in our daily routine. But here in this lovely French village I’m  grateful to have the real thing‘pain’ -that is French bread. The homeowner makes his own healthy bread and he’s left plenty for me. How could I not give thanks for this yummy ‘pain’- which is now an essential part of my daily routine here?

5 thoughts on “Q is for Quotidien

  1. I enjoyed your photos. There’s something to be said for the comfort of a routine, but not to the point of being in a rut. It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone once in a while and experience new things. Life is too short to let it pass you by. Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

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