Boarding in Hong Kong

My lovely son Tom, had driven me to Sydney airport for the first leg of my flight to Paris. The flight arrived 45 minutes  early into Hong Kong airport  so I had plenty of time to orient myself in one of the world’s  biggest airports boasting a multitude of shops- all of which were closed apart from a McDonalds. But it was 4.30 in the morning after all! I asked the friendly shop assistant-


who thought me English!- if he would open the McCafe, a more sophisticated version of the ubiquitous outlet, which offered cappuccinos.

      ‘Make that two and I shout you’ said a fellow caffeind behind me. I turned to laugh and introduced myself to the woman whom I took for an Aussie but was actually a Kiwi.  This is what I love about travel,  the ease with which you can connect with people, share and learn from each other. Cherer (similar to Cherie) had lived and worked in Hong Kong for some years  and was biding time for a delayed flight to Singapore. I learnt a lot from her about the culture of this unique Island and then we discovered that we were both Francophiles! Cherer was planning her first trip to Paris, also on her own, in August so we swapped resources for our respective journeys.

We finished our coffees and swapped email addresses, refreshed by the encounter with a fellow traveller





ncounter with a fellow traveller

8 thoughts on “Boarding in Hong Kong

  1. How lovely you were able to make a friend already! I’m too shy to talk to others in public, but maybe I should try it out next time I travel… You never know who you’ll meet ^^

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