Au Revoir Australie

Au Revoir Australie!
It’s been six months in the making and its inception last September from vague desire, has now manifest into reality. How well has the preparation for this journey flowed for me! I bought the ticket, renewed my passport, and set about finding the right house sitting opportunities for me in France.  When you are clear in your desires, the Universe wants to help you and I now have house sits in Paris, Angers and the Midi Pyrénées. I’ve even become friends with one homeowner through our weekly skype session. He has generously helped me improve my French as well.

Although its taken six months to finalise, it’s a journey many years in the making. I may well do some of the tourist things in Paris, but it will be the inner journey of self discovery, always available to travellers who are open to it, which will  both sustain and change me.
Au Revoir Australie, ma famille et mes amies 






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