In Celebration of Small Things: A Money Purse Filled With Euros

In Celebration of Small Things: A Money Purse filled with Euros






I had  finished my house sit on the Gold Coast as the owners returned from a successful trip and we looked forward  to having a final dinner. The dogs, Zen and Coco, were delightful companions who also enjoyed the mindfulness meditations I did each morning.

Shakespeare described the Australian Gold Coast best
      “ All that glisters is not gold”. It’s really a trashy and brassy place, full of towering hotels which steal the sun from the rather ordinary beaches. It’s full of shonky shops selling tourist products and full of tourists who must have a very poor view of what Australia has to offer. So many of the people who live there share the same quality-an over-regard for money and property and disregard for the things of substance in life.

But I was fortunate and stayed in a simple and (emotionally) warm house which was on a canal and close to some lovely parks. The owners too, were good people who had travelled widely both in Australia and Europe and shared similar values to mine.
They knew about my upcoming trip to France, a country they love, and over dinner produced a little present for me; a money purse filled with Euros “For my first coffee in Paris” .

Its a city that everyone loves so when I discuss my trip with friends or even strangers they invariably say
      “ Think of me when you …..
• Climb the Eiffel Tower
• Catch your first glimpse of the city from the plane
• Have your first champagne
• Stroll down the Champs Elysees….
Or any other wonderful experience I could possibly have in that great city so that my happiness will resonate with them thousands of miles away.
And of course I will do that and when sipping my first coffee in Paris, send loving thoughts to Marella and Taffy, Gold Coast residents who shine a true light out into the world.


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