In Celebration of Small Things; Making My Day

In Celebration of Small Things: Making My Day






Here in Australia we are approaching the end of a very long, very hot summer and for the first time in many years, I’m glad. Usually I love the heat and enjoy being close to the sea or at least in close proximity to a swimming pool. But this year the heat has been ferocious ( so that even though we are now officially in Autumn, the heat looks set to continue.
The place where I am staying on the Gold Coast has aircon but it puts up a very weak resistance to the weather. At present, I live in the pool and apart from essential things like meditation, writing, dogs walks and cuddles, I prefer to remain wet.  The place borders a creek at the back which is a perfect breeding ground for mozzies (mosquitos) and sand-flies, those creatures which would test the patience of the most enlightened Buddhist teacher or Catholic Saint.  The miniature bloodsuckers love to attack me whenever I do washing or water the garden. I’ve had friends who bragged about the fact that mozzies don’t like their taste and always overlook them. Lucky them! You can probably see where I am going with this post as its all about the minor irritations of life. I woke up yesterday sweaty and red from mozzie bites but then remembered that it was up to me to make my day and change my attitude which was getting me nowhere.

One of the beautiful things about the end of summer is the abundance of luscious fruit which is readily available at cheap prices. I set out for the local shops to indulge my passion for watermelon, mangoes, plums and grapes. The girl who was serving me asked how I was in the most disinterested way without giving me eye contact. 
     ‘ So how are you anyway?’
As part of my improved mood I decided to engage positively with every person who entered my life that day.
She raised her head and looked me directly in the eyes. Clearly, it had been a difficult morning and went on to describe how she had been poorly treated “dumped on” was she described it. As I listened I thought of how we frequently get it wrong with people who serve us, considering them somehow lesser  than us or even worse, that in purchasing a product it gives us the right to treat another person disrespectfully. The young girl ended her sorry tale and thanked me for asking about her day because no one ever did then proceeded to give me a voucher for a free coffee. Without knowing it, she had made my day-and not because of a free coffee though that was a bonus

2 thoughts on “In Celebration of Small Things; Making My Day

  1. You can be forgiven for letting mozzies, sandflies, and the horrible heat affect your mood. Word – insect repellent, and lots of it! I always greet cashiers, waiters, or others I meet with a big smile and a cheerful demeanor. I know their job is hard, and I want them to feel better about it in any small way I can. The feedback and treatment I receive in reply is always slightly surprised and then very grateful. Especially in the city I live in now, there are a ton of tourists (mostly Russian and rich Arabs) who treat employees very badly. They really put them down. I always make sure to be extra polite and friendly when I see that happen. And go you for being sympathetic to that young woman. I bet you cheered her up a lot! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lexa, yes I do use repellent but only a certain type which doent have any chemicals in it. Naturally, when I needed it I ran out and so far have not been able to find it in the shops around here. Theres no point in using the others its like breathing in poison! Its great that you connect with shop assistants as human beings, there is something so demeaning in mistreating someone who really is there to help us. It reminds me of Alain De Boton’s book on status anxiety which he attributes to a failure to love ourselves.


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