In Celebration of Small things: A Great Local Café

In Celebration of Small Things
A Great Local Cafe.






A good cup of coffee is not a minor thing. At some stage in a house sit, I like to become a tourist. Exploring the local cafes is a regular part of that agenda. Although I like to be independent and take my travel press wherever I go, it’s good to check out the local haunts. Sometimes I’m  successful in my search for a good coffee, other times not. Expectations can be misleading as the rural/ urban factor  for example, has no impact on the quality of coffee, service and food. I’ve been to some shocking city cafes which  got rave reviews from friends and foodie websites and discovered unknown places in rural areas which have been fabulous in every criterion.

My stay in Grafton produced just such a great find. Known as ‘Heart & Soul Wholefoods’ ( ) the place had everything I wanted in a cafe. During the month of February each year, I participate in FebFast. It’s an opportunity to give my liver a rest by giving up alcohol for -29 days this year-and every other part of my body by giving up sugar! It’s  a charity even to raise money for youth homelessness and help to detox the body and strengthen the will. How fortunate was I then to find a cafe which didn’t use refined sugar!  I enjoyed their strong yet smooth coffee and their various yummy confections made of crushed dates and nuts! The service was quick and friendly, I couldn’t fault the place! They also had free Wi-Fi for customers so I could linger over my writing or WordPress sites  while sipping my excellent coffee. I will return.

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