Are You A Creator Or Consumer?

I’ve  been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Magic Lessons’  podcasts of late, in which the well-known author interviews  friends, authors and creatives of all types in an attempt to help people who have contacted her with their creative roadblocks.  What has emerged from this process for me is the confirmation of creativity as essential to our health -mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. Its not something to do to while away the hours of free time but  vital for our soul to grow. And not just for some, but every human being. Does it matter if we pursue bad writing, high art, or make doilies for country shows? Not really, its the process of creating that matters. And a product that is completely ours whether it is well received by others or not.

Because if we are not creating then we are consuming someone else’s creation. There is a terrible sadness in not creating. I remember an incident in my past, before I healed and started writing, when I saw a  fellow school student had published a short story which gained critical and financial success. My pain was acute at seeing her name in the paper and I first thought this strange ache


was due to jealousy on my part. Later I realised that it was because I had refused to let myself write and missed out on the pleasure of creating- I was very ambitious in my career then and saw creativity as a waste of time.

In that vein I would like to offer the writers among you an opportunity to have fun and participate in the ‘WriteEditPublish’ competitions for 2016. I will look forward to crafting my stories and reading yours.

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