In Crlebration of Small things: Travelling Friendships

In Celebration of: Travelling Friendships


There is a mistaken belief about friendships that once formed, they must remain consistent. You’ve probably seen those posts on Facebook or heard about true friendships being the ones where you pick up the thread again where you left off, going over old, common ground. But  I like the ones where both people travel along their respective life paths, growing in the process so that when you next reconnect  you are both different people with new stories and discoveries to share.


My friend Rosy is like that, she’s a traveller in many ways and when we reconnect we compare what we’ve learnt and share our excitement about our travel plans for the future. At so many times and in so many ways, she has encouraged me to keep travelling. She’s  been supportive when things have been challenging and ready to share in fun when we’ve both needed to lighten up. She too, has undertaken some painful journeys to the dark side of life.
So today near the feast of American thanksgiving-Rosy has triple citizenship, Canadian, Australian and American- I would like to share my gratitude for Rosy a traveller extraordinaire and true friend. Long may she travel!


3 thoughts on “In Crlebration of Small things: Travelling Friendships

  1. That’s a beautiful way to share friendship. I have a few friends exactly like that… we don’t see each other often, but when we do catch up, there’s lots to tell:)

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  2. I can tell by her grin that she has a great sense of humor. Thanks for sharing your own Thanksgiving things-to-be-grateful-for list and the great pics! Have a lovely weekend! 🙂


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