In Celebration of small things; My Travel Press

I’m  a dinki-di, ridgey- didge, true blue Caf-Fiend. Yes, I love my tea first thing in the morning but I need the caffeine rush to spark up my neurons and fire my synapses. Every house sit guarantees coffee apparatus be it a  sophisticated one with built in grinder,  pod machine, stovetop or plunger. But I did come across one house sit without any such paraphenalia and this led me to consider my options. While I most of my homeowners are generous and want me to use their provisions, I like to be self reliant. While we are all interdependent, It’s something I value more and more on this journey. So I was pleased 5o come across a nifty little contraption called the Travel Press.  Made of a hard plastic which is insulated to comes with its own plunger (this is not an aadvertisement) . No more will I need to ask home owners ‘Do you have a coffee machine a what kind is it?’
I am grateful this week for my caffeine independence!


3 thoughts on “In Celebration of small things; My Travel Press

  1. I’ve never thought of the problems of house-sitting before. I’m such a baby, I’d be miserable without all my things near me. Good for you for finding a way to make everything work out! 🙂

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  2. I have to have my morning caffeine, too. I always have a coffee and white tea every morning, but not together. I can live without the tea, but no coffee makes for a very grumpy Cathy. I’m visiting from CTST hop! Happy house sitting!

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