Travelling across a continent:Paris to Moscow or Brisbane to Perth





From Brisbane to Perth is a huge journey, travelling across diverse landscapes and different time zones. By air it takes six hours and covers a distance greater than that from Paris to Moscow. By land it can take a week but this week I flew. I love the flight which I have taken before, for offering a revelation of the breadth and beauty of this ancient continent. We start by circling the city in farewll, heading over the coast then turning left to start for our destination which is two hours behind and situated  near the large  coastline bordering the Indian ocean. Our flight took us over the liincoln green hinterland of South Queensland and Northern NSW. The colour soon leached into the dirty brown of  the outback Queensland/NSW many parts of which are suffering prolonged and difficult drought lasting decades.The smooth flight packed with passengers returning home or visiting family, moved effortlessly across the huge palette of shifting contours and palette.

I always select a window seat no matter how long the flight, even international ones where I spend most of my time sleeping, it is worth having to excuse myself as I leave my seat to use the toilet, for that swift glance of a city or town from the air. The outback bleached into the white salt lakes of South Australia which from the air reminded me of  a lazy flow of caramel custard. Here and there x marked the spot of  imning or outback community airstrips.

I am always amazed at the wisdom of Indigenous peoples and how they seem to know their country on both an intimate micro level and how the land looks from space. There I was, suspended in space looking at a living painting where the scant trees and tiny yellow and brown hillocks looked exactly like a dot painting of a member of the local clan.

Finally we hit the coast where South Australia joins Western Australia and the sea a vivdid turquoise companion to the stunning white West Australian sands. We continued to follow that beauty to the town of Esperance then turndd slowly inland along the borders of the gold mining town of Kalgoolie which has its own unique red and brown beauty. Finally we travelled upwards to the vibrant and growing city of Perth, Capital of the state which is al ost half the size of Australia.

It had been a long journey but a unique one of appreciation for this amazing and ancient continent.

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