Road Trip to the High Country

20150716_10202820150714_10401820150714_12394520150714_12151320150716_071506We started the seven hour drive from Canberra at a reasonable hour on a midweek day. With two kids under six and two drivers, my daughter in law and me, we drove south on a frosty winter’s morning. My daughter in law Kylie, had taken the taken the trip to her Mum’s home at Mansfield in the high country many times so knew where to stop and for how long. Gundagai (Where the Dog sits on the Tuckerbox) and Holbrook, an inland town that hosts an old submarine, were the major ones. The landscape changed at every stop. From the brown and dried out earth of country New South Wales, to the green soft hills of the High Country of Victoria. Our soundtrack was a creative one, from the ABC for kids CD of popular songs to our own renditions of the classics such as “This old man -he played knicknack on my skorteen” (to rhyme with fourteen). And like all modern travelling parents and grandparents, were equipped with an I pad loaded containing episodes of Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig. There’s something about a long drive, perhaps because both driver and passenger are looking straight ahead, that allows for an ease in sharing. When we arrived at the town of Mansfield, a prosperous place due to the nearby tourist destination of Mt Buller, the jewel of the Victorian ski fields, we settled down at Highcroft, the home of  Kylie’s Mum, to a well earned cuppa from the teapot boiling on the well stacked fire. It had been a smooth and pleasant journey.

4 thoughts on “Road Trip to the High Country

  1. Looks like a fun trip!

    On a different note, am stopping by to welcome you to the Cherished Blogfest. Thankyou for joining. Please put up the Blogfest badge on the sidebar (with a link to one of the announcement posts from the co-hosts), so your audience is familiar with the blogfest and considers joining!

    Need any help, email me at atozstories at gmail dot com.


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