Josie, Me and JacķTom building a Lego plane for the kidsJack at playJosie loves writing“Its never to late to have a happy childhood ”

Gloria Steinhem From Revolution from Within:A Book of Self Esteem

Could there be anything better than natural fun? Its a time, place and space when you can let go and enjoy the sweetness of life. And its something you can create for yourself and participate in at any age. Opportunities abound for creative play, its a mindset after all when many people today will work hard to deny themselves. And yet its a foundation for mental health and the source of so many innovations and inventions. As a grandparent I have the perfect excuse for allowing my inner child free rein when I engage in playtime with my grandchildren. The “why” word is frequently asked and challenges my adult to question habitual thought patterns. Sometimes, the consensus reality in which we all participate is shown to be ridiculous. Like the child in the Fairy-tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” they make me aware of the ludicrous (a word that derives from Latin meaning playful) nature of so many things in modern life which we are supposed to believe in and take seriously. Ha!
Of course children need structure and their parents help them to become sensitive to others and respect differences. Buy too often in my opinion they emphasis is on what children take or demand of us and not what we receive from their essence.
When I took my grandson Jack to the shops this week he proudly showed off his new Lego toy to the triumvirate of grandmothers awaiting the bus home on a chilly Canberra morning. One of them asked me if I was spoiling he and his sister and when I nodded she said “That’s what grandmother’s are for” . Its a small price to pay for all the love, fun and joy I receive

3 thoughts on “Playtime!

  1. Well… I am not a Westernern, I am Indian and we are led to believe that those abroad in UK and US are not family oriented, that is the are not attached to parents because after they are 18 they move out and be independent, but I don’t think it is true… yes good that you got the oppurtunity to spend time with your young grand kids, good day.Yes, it is fun being with kids and be silly, because adults are far too serious and boring in their lives(:

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