Sculpture in The Bush

Life like CicadaPeter Tina and AnneTassie DevilLizard and DevaExquisite mosaic and meBaby Dino made from recycled parts!The idea of sculpture enhancing a landscape is not new. There is the famous annual ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ which starts in Sydney and travels around the coastline through different states. During this visit to Tassie, I met some lovely local Tasweigans, Tina and Peter,  who took me on a nearby sculpture trail through the bush. ( Connecting with an artwork situated in a bush landscape is a very different experience to visiting the same piece in  a gallery. For a start, the landscape becomes part of the artistic experience and you can often only truly appreciate the work through its contrasting or complementary position in the bush. And then you are constantly invited to ask ‘what is art?’ when you are presented with the natural artistry of the bush. At one stage on the long trail, we came across what seemed like a collection of sticks and stones which seemed to have a natural artistic purpose and were perplexed that it wasn’t included in our catalogue. We decided that it was an unofficial (perhaps the bush fairies created it?) artwork, the purpose of which was to challenge us. So we each collected leaves, sticks and stones and added to the creation. The official blurb explained: “Art Farm Birchs Bay is a not-for-profit association established to foster engagement between the community, art, artists and the landscape. A long running, successful annual exhibition that has featured Tasmanian and interstate artists, the trail has been supported by private sponsorship and local government. The tenth trail will open on 3rd April 2015 (Good Friday) and continue until the end of the winter school holidays – 19th July 2015. Hosted by Five Bob Farm, at Birchs Bay, the trail takes visitors on an easy walk through farm and forest, with sculptures installed along the way. All pieces are for sale and there are several permanent pieces along the trail – acquisitions from previous years.” It was hard to choose a favourite for the People’s Choice award but eventually I settled on the collection of Tasmanian devils-including an albino!.  When travelling to new places,I always look tor opportunities to appreciate the work of local artists who will provide in a symbolic way the life of the local area.

3 thoughts on “Sculpture in The Bush

  1. Well, its a interesting stuff having art and sculptures on the natural environment, rather than the posh Art Gallery, however I guess it will be difficult to keep an eye on these things on the open, in close friendly enclosers where these sculptures of art can be locked I think it will be safer. But its nice for onlookers to see sculptures this way, the art will be more connecting to them, for those who are not art appreciators.


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