A New Suitcase

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I suppose you could say that my suitcase is my physical home on the journey. Yesterday, I said goodbye to a case which had accompanied me on over twenty different journeys both in Australia and overseas. I bought my sunny orange bag in Brisbane in 2013 and it has faithfully carried my possessions  from Cairns to Perth, Brisbane to Geraldton, Goolwa Beach to Melbourne,Coolum to Canberra and Cooranbong. I lost it twice, once for a few hours in Australia and then  for a few days in Canada where the symbolism of losing your baggage was not lost on me as on that I journey I certainly left the past behind. Saying goodbye to an old friend is an opportunity to pause and reflect on where I’ve been, how Ive (hopefully!) evolved, and to think about future journeys. If possessions display aspects of our personality and unconscious needs then I wonder what this new case reveals about me?My new suitcase

For a start, its slightly bigger than my orange bag and has a whimsical fairy and flower motif in pink and black. In many ways I am getting lighter about the journey; that is trusting more in my inner beliefs that intention and attitude on my part create the outcomes Im  looking for in each journey. I think also not only about what the case will contain as I move onto the next level of the journey, but those things that I will leave behind. Not all of them are physical or material.As I dropped my old bag off at the Red Cross shop on Friday I felt suddenly wistful, reflecting on the pets and people I had met and the places I had been.

But as any traveller knows, there’s always another journey and always moe to learn. As Dr Suess once so wisely said “OH the Places You’ll Go!”

Boofy from Port Macquarie
Boofy from Port Macquarie

Parker from Coolum

3 thoughts on “A New Suitcase

  1. Loved that post. “Insignificant” material things that leave me with amazing memories, especially of travels. I am going to have to separate with a bright green tiny suitcase with which I came to Holland and after 4 years I am returning back home with it. And it’s even been used by friends because I was the only girl owning a suitcase for hold-luggage that was almost as small as a cabin-luggage suitcase.


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