Does Travel Improve with Age?

wpid-20150330_104538.jpgMy trusty steedFor various reasons, and unlike most Aussies, I didn’t travel much when I was young. Now, travelling is my full time lifestyle, but I do it on terms and conditions which suit my current values. House sitting suits for many reasons-animal companionship, living In and not just passing through an area, space and time for writing, and meeting and making new friends. I know that I couldn’t have done this five and certainly not ten years ago, I had to undergo a transformation to be comfortable in myself with living in the present and being undefined by possessions.But of course we all travel for different reasons dont we? Can you imagine travelling at a different age to your current one? If so what would it be like? How would you do it ? If I had travelled when younger I would have been more influenced by others perception of what I should do and where I should go. And now, I know that I could never become a traditional tourist in the sense of rushing through a hundred countries in a short space of time. Age has given me more self confidence and awareness of others as well. Its also given me the ability to look after myself in ways which when I was younger, I looked to others to fulfill. There are of course lots of younger tavellers who have achieved the live skill of balanced self reliance interwoven with a curiosity and openness to life. But I cant help but feel that age can be an asset to the travelling life, after all, in my opinion its never too late andMischka, the beautiful you are never too young or too old for travel.

9 thoughts on “Does Travel Improve with Age?

  1. You totally inspired me when we had our first outing during the Brisbane writers club and told me about your house sitting. Peter Pan at heart, staying in one place sucks life out of me. If I go on an adventure somewhere and face challenges (like the mountain biking and auditioning) I can actually feel some hype. I definitely did not do adventure travelling in my 20’s (maybe because not much money and you spend it mostly partying). In my situation; I do agree with you that travel gets better with age. Thirties is like the new twenties! Love your bike pic!

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  2. I really liked this blog (as indicated by my like earlier haha)! Compared to most of my peers here in Holland I haven’t done much travelling and compared to the ones back home in Bulgaria I have. Recently I have been travelling more since I wanted to concentrate on finishing my studies and save up some money to travel. I have a problem with most young people’s idea of “being somewhere”. I rarely get excited about fancy hotels, I even avoid them – at 23 all I need is a bed and a toilet, shared is fine by me. But going somewhere to party or swim in the hotel’s pool without even seeing the center of the city for me doesn’t count as “being in Spain”, for example. I try and experience the little towns and read up on the culture. I also don’t mind not travelling as much as I’d like to or compared to others because I have my 74-year-old grandma as a great example. She spent 50 years never separating from my granddad, not even when cooking. 8 years ago he passed away and after a year of mourning, she got herself together and went to Egypt with some friends. Then to Spain, Montenegro, etc. I even heard a story from one of her friends that they were on a boat in Greece and all the young people started jumping off of it into the sea and my grandma said “well, I can walk and talk still, certainly I can swim!” and jumped after them to the surprise and worry of everyone there. (she’s also one of those little but round old ladies). So I’m thinking – it is, indeed, never too late!

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      1. Yeah, I love her too hihi! Her “motto” is a Bulgarian saying, which I can only translate literally – “If they give you something – take it, if they chase after you- run.” Basically don’t be in anyone’s way and if you are offered an experience, even if it is having coffee today, take it 🙂 I’m so happy I came by your blog! Thank you!


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