The Chapel At MONA

Am I a plebian? I asked myself when finishing a tour of the exhibits at Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art. Yes, the architecture is impressive and the situation majestic but the exhibits failed to inspire. Being an animal lover I wasn’t engaged by the poor goldfish struggling to hide against the light under a sliver of carving knife. Nor did I warm to the mummified hedgehog. Sydney Nolan’s Leda and the Swan was beautiful and ethereal but it didn’t really grab me? It was not until I took a walk outside in the vineyards that I felt truly inspired. At the water’s edge was a rusted iron filagree concoction called The Chapel. It was fabulous! The intricate ironwork must have been a very arduous labour of love. In place of pictures of saints, the stained glass windows inside depicted medieval scenes of the grim reaper . For me the creation successfully captured the enduring and the ephemeral in such a beautiful and colourful fashion. I will return for future visits. 20150416_113643
href=””>Mt Mt Wellington from MONAhref=””>The Chapel at Mona
reflections inside out

Vineyards at MONA
Vineyards at MONA

3 thoughts on “The Chapel At MONA

  1. Nobody can call You plebeian, my Dear Kate! Concern and Likings for Living Creatures, Your Heart in the Right place, and plebeian? No way. Anyway, liked Your write-up and the photographs. If You have more pictures of the Chapel, please post them too. Regards. 🙂


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