Bruny, the exceptional island







The large island named after the explorer Bruni D’entrecasteaux arge island is today accessible by a car ferry. The place is exceptional for its pristine beaches, walks and wildlife reserves, yet also caters to gourmet tourism with many niche market companies such as the Bruny Island Cheese company, Get Shucked Oyster Farm, Bruny Island Berries and Bruny Island Premium Wines. But you dont have to overindulge, just being in that special environment is enough.The island has been favourite stopping off place for explorers such as Captain Cook, who met Mangana, the father of Truganini, William Bligh and Furneaux.
I only got to Adventure Bay which is halfway down the island yet I spent more than five hours there. Its like that, you enter into a different space and time. As I made my way back to the the pier to wait for the ferry I noticed a large truck crammed with huge logs. My heart sank as I thought of the beautiful trees in the special place. Is there no place where trees are sacred?

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