Subject to Change

“I always try to adjust to each new situation”

Novak Djokovic wpid-wp-1418084859789.jpegCottesloe, Western AustraliaPerth from King'sKing's Park

You’ve got to be flexible in this house sitting lifestyle. Its not just your travel plans which go awry but those of the people you are  house sitting for. Life happens; people get sick, fall over ,have babies, break up up, experience financial loss, fall apart. Sometimes those forced changes of plans can lead to better, richer experiences.

Some time ago I had organised to house sit for a retired couple in Hervey Bay, a beautiful spot on the Queensland  coast for swimming, diving and whale watching. How I was looking forward to it! Out of the blue a cyclone started to develop. In constant communication with the home-owners, we still clung to our plans for my house sit and their holiday caravanning down the east coast, which would be the natural course for any rain developing from the Queensland cyclone. The weather grew worse yet the stalwart home owners insisted that, although the Woolworths truck couldn’t make it to the local supermarket and food was running low in the town,  they would start their trip as planned.

The airline company made the decision for us; they simply would not risk the lives of their passengers by flying into an active cyclone weather.

As a result I re-jigged my journey, looked at the map of Australia and chose Perth, on the western side of the country for my next destination. It was a good decision which started me on a new adventure.

Then there is the machinery of life with its built in obsolescence, offering us such ease of lifestyle and communication, yet is at heart based on increasing complexity which only certified repairmen can fix usually at a steep price. And of course this artificial intelligence knows exactly the moment when the home owner is due to leave or the house sitter has just settled in!


When I house sat in Canada, the home owners returned early due to unexpected family dramas. Their neighbours invited me to stay with them and as a result met and made new friends with whom I still communicate today. At the time of first learning about this change in Canada, I did feel a bit wobbly, then walked into a local book-store to come face to face with a book by the Buddhist teacher “When things fall apart” hmm just a reminder of the inherent vulnerability of all journeys, including life itself.

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