Here in the tropics, life is profligate. Every morning, when you leave your air conditioned place-its impossible to sleep without air con- the sun smacks you around with its yelling rays, putting you under its spotlight while lukewarm moisture rolls over you from forehead to feet. The air is not the same as other places, with more H2 than O in its constitution, it can make you breathless and eternally moist. They are not called the wet tropics for nothing. Excessive moisture spawns all forms of life from micro-bacterial to white foamed waterfalls.The plant life is flagrantly abundant, with a variety of colour,smell, texture and shape, you sense the potency of its life force as you walk past. Humans expose themselves too, dropping as much clothing as they can in an effort to keep cool.Welcome to Far North Queensland where life stuns in its infinite variety and capacity for adaptation. Its the wet season, but the real wet hasn’t yet started-climate change has shifted the seasons around-and the locals are getting anxious. Then suddenly a storm builds, all living things feel an anxious expectancy in the form of headaches and erratic behaviour. When it comes, it is, like every form of life here, spectacular in its display and lasts for hours. All the creatures who have been restricted by the lack of free-flowing water rejoice. Frogs, toads, lizards, lyrebirds kangaroos, cattle and humans make the most of the downpour and saturate themselves in the flow.
A new season is born and all life breathes a sigh of relief.

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