8 reasons why Brisbane is my favourite Australian Capital


I’ve just returned to Brisbane,or “Brissie ” as she is affectionately known, my favourite capital city in Australia. Why have I given this accolade to this city that no so long ago was considered a country town in a redneck state? After some reflection, I’ve condensed it to 8 major reasons.


1. The weather, the weather the weather! I’m a summer person and love the ease of a living in a warm city. Sure, it can go to extremes and become humid at times but given changing weather patterns globally, the weather here is more conducive to a happier lifestyle. How many times have I heard Melbourne people mutter “If only we had Brisbane’s weather the city would be perfect”


2. The warmth of the climate is matched by the warmth of the people. Overall, its easier to connect with the residents of the city on the river than say in busy Sydney or reserved Adelaide. I’ve often noticed on public transport how, when a tourist is asking for directions of a driver, other passengers will tune in and offer their help too.


3.Its big enough to be a real city but not too big to be overwhelming. You can still find that country town feel in parts of this now cosmopolitan city.

4. The cafes and coffee are improving and proliferating each time I visit.As a member of Brisbane’s Coffee Lovers Meetup group, Im constantly discovering great places where I can indulge my caffeine addiction.

5. When I visited in the seventies, it was very much an Anglo town. Now its  a multicultural place with people from every continent, racial and cultural heritage,calling the city home and enriching its vibe

6. It’s a walk and cycle friendly city. The walks across the bridges and through the botanic gardens are among the best and the city council’s bike hiring facility means anyone, tourist or local, can easily access the bike friendly city paths and roads


7.The overall vibe of  openness and acceptance really appeals to me. Whenever I return I find it easy to reconnect with friends Ive made in the past and groups I was part of. They just accept that I have been away and now Im back. It feelsl ike Im a Brisbane-ite whose been away for awhile rather than a  full-time traveller .


8. The cultural institutions and the creative life. Both are strong in Brissie and growing. As a member of Brisbane Writers Group on Meetup, my return visits consistently  reveal what a flourishing creative capital the city has become


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3 thoughts on “8 reasons why Brisbane is my favourite Australian Capital

  1. Great story and of course I am bias but this is why we live in the Sunshine State, welcome “home” Kate, always great to have you here, can’t wait until we catch up next week xx

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