My Non-Bucket List

Miners Beach
Miners Beach

Recently, I met someone who said choosing the house sitting lifestyle meant that I was living my bucket list. I couldnt agree less! Unlike a popular movie of the same name, I haven’t devised a list of things to do and places to go before I die. I think life is a little more complex than that.
The reasons why I’m not listing before bucketing from this world are
★ I’m changing; my desires have evolved and what I once thought would be a cool thing to do, may now bore
★I’ve learnt that doing the things I thought would be great may not have turned out that way. Often our desires are based on what other people tell us we should be doing for pleasure
★Some of the best experiences of my life have been due to serendipity and synchronicity, leaving me to believe that when I trust myself and the Universe better things happen than I could even imagine-let alone write down on a list. Like making a great new friend by chanceimage

So all in all I am having a great time flowing with every possibility in life. Some are great, wonderful others can be a bit of a challenge but when you decide to see life as an adventure, nothing is lost or wasted

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