Light imprints, lasting impressions



As I mature into my life of travel, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of the intangible, infinitesimal and invisible aspects of the journey. It now seems to me that it is the least apparent aspects of life that really are the most important. When I was in my 30’s and 40’s I strove for recognition and achievement in the most conventional way;climbing the career ladder, balancing home and family, and all according to the current acceptable dictates of the times for a woman of my age and background in modern day Australia.

Though successful in my career and L &D business, I paid the price and lost my authentic sense of self. I recall towards the end of this time,when I had become a workaholic, a visit to a therapist provided a moment of lightening awareness. “Workaholism” is a virtuous addiction, you receive kudos from society about your ability to always say yes and put every other aspect of your self and life second to your work.The therapist pronounced that I had a “spoiled” identity. Ok so she wasn’t the most sensitive or skilled of healers but she did start me thinking about the place and function of work in my life. The truth is I was very unhappy in my relationship and rather than deal with it , poured all of my energy into work, something I could control.

Around that time I came across a reference by Carl Jung to a myth about Hercules in which he had to rip a beloved cloak from his skin in order to save his self. Jung stated that this is what we had to do with identities/personas which were threatening the self.


I got the message and started the inner work. After my father died in my early forties, I started to search for and discover that vulnerable feeling of self- trust, turning inward when making decisions and choosing my own values.

Now, I’ve come to appreciate that life is what I make of it.I’ve been moving from doing  to being. And now in my journeying, my connection to a place comes not from what’s known about it-what others have declared it to be- but  the subtle weaving of my soul and the essence of the place.
Some places instantly affirm and lighten my energy, others, no matter how beautiful in the eyes of the world, depress and alienate. Its now a very personal journey and its the lightest of energetic imprints which provide the greatest power to heal and the deepest and longest lasting impression. In such places I no longer have “a nice time” but experience time,space and essence which lead me into a new level of life.
More and more I am drawn to the image of footprints in the sand as the ultimate human participation in life. Sure, they seem ephemeral as they are washed away with each new tide, but then they become part of the sea and the great oceans of space and time. Could we wish for anything more lasting?

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