How to get there…from here or elsewhere

It makes perfect sense when you look at it on a map.It’s also clear when someone tells you where to go.”Turn right at the end of Merton St….” but you misheard and they actually meant Mountain St. And so it seems that how I get there, to my new house sit, has to be a fusion of the logical and my own quirky lateral sense of orientation.


Somehow I have to feel where I’m going. Does that make sense? By  “feeling my way” I also mean sensing, smelling and tasting my way to my destination. The first time I visit a place I feel my sensors unwrapping and extending into the new territory to create a unique map which works for me.


Some people believe maps, thinking that there is one best way to travel to a particular destination. Many times when I have been lost while driving or walking, I’ve come across those who believe they know the way. Which is usually the route with which  they are most familiar and comfortable . If  I choose not to go that way because I don’t have a feel for it, they will shake their head and mutter “silly woman” or think “she must be having a senior moment”.


Some places are more challenging in which to orient yourself  than others. I once had a brief stay in the outer suburbs of Perth where  rows of modern terraced houses nestled  cheek by jowl with McMansions. Here, it was necessary as I circled the endless roundabouts looking to differentiate one street from another, to create elaborate mind maps as the five senses met a bland sameness . “Rathkeale St” I thought “Yes, Basil Rathbone (Rath) with his …nose in the Hound of the Baskervilles and the hound wasn’t a kiwi beagle (keale) but similar to a Ridge back? (Ridgewood road). “Look, there’s Tarbert St I could thank my Ex- partner Bert” . The more bizarre the connection, the easier it becomes to remember.

In the end it doesn’t matter if you are lost or not, it’s what you learn from the adventure that becomes memorable, sometimes even part of you and your personal journey.


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