Seven Things I’ve learnt about Freedom from Travelling

The red earth of Western Australia

1. Freedom is the constant companion of solo travellers throughout the world. You get to have a wonderful relationship with it as you make choices based on needs and preferences. But the truth is, it was always available even in times of apparent stagnation and limitation.In short,freedom is a conscious choice made from a position of adult responsibility.
2. Choosing freedom is not irresponsible-iPOSSIBLEt doesn’t mean running away but taking on the serious duty of living life on your own terms.
3. Having free time is a rare and precious commodity today yet it’s necessary for a travelling lifestyle. It’s in those gaps and spaces that conversations can begin. Giving someone your time and choosing to listen to their story is an under-rated freedom, yet one that is a building block for all healthy human connections.
Julie  and Me in WA during Spring
4.No-one has, or ever had the power to limit my freedom.In the past I gave my power away because I didn’t sufficiently trust myself to believe that I could travel on my own terms.

5. Freedom and change are inseparable . To change, you have to believe you have the freedom and space to do so. To be free, you have to be prepared to make some changes in your life
6. Healthy limitations and appropriate boundaries can help you experience the joy of freedom. Choosing a structure for each house sit, which is usually based around the pets and my own needs, helps prevent stress from overwhelming change.
7. When life really pulls the rug out from under you and you find your freedom curtailed,as can happen in this ever changing lifestyle,you need to interpret this as an opportunity to free yourself from the “musts,shoulds and oughts” of the past. Who knows? You might discover inner resources and authentic aspects of yourself you never knew existed.wpid-20140121_110312.jpg

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