Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds and sustains me in my house sitting travels. Finding “my” cafe in a new town or city may seem trivial but it is an important part of getting my bearings. For a start, on a physical level,I need a quality dose of caffeine to wake up my brain. I really don’t know if this need is based on scientific fact or a delusion, and really, its not important to establish the truth, all I know is that I need that caffeine hit-sometime after I’ve had my first cup of tea of the morning.Yes,I need tea not coffee to wake me up. It has that gentle,softer feel which allows for being in that lovely half state between dream life, sleep and wakefulness. Later, when I need to function effectively and completely, I turn to my coffee.

At one of my favourite coffee shops in Brisbane,Five Sisters Art Gallery Cafe having a cappuccino
At one of my favourite coffee shops in Brisbane,Five Sisters Art Gallery Cafe having a cappuchino

Of course I buy coffee for home but I like to try a coffee in the area where I’m staying. When you become a regular, and that is a process which can happen after your second visit in some places, you can engage with the waiter or barista who can be a wonderful source of information which can help your stay become more enjoyable.
At a Brissie cafe with Sheila
Then there’s meetup,( a wonderful mechanism for making friends in a new place and if you’re a coffee lover, experiencing new cafes. Through membership of Brisbane coffee lovers and Perth philosophy cafe, I’ve had the chance to meet new people, some becoming friends and taste great coffee at a range of cafes and restaurants around the city.With Junine at Cafe Merriweather
So what is my favourite coffee? I can’t say as I am still in the process of discovery. I can say that with all the changes I have experienced in this lifestyle, I remain a traditionalist when it comes to how I take my coffee. I am a cappuccino stalwart-no short black,mocha latte, half strength coffee for me! I wonder if holding on to this type gives me a measure for discerning the differences in the coffee. I also wonder if, with all the wonderful cafes I’ve been to and coffee I’ve had, I have become a coffee snob. After all,having a coffee at a cafe is a social experience and in the smaller towns I’ve stayed in, maybe the coffee has not been the best, but the service-the friendliness and willingness to share on the part of the staff, cañ turn a substandard coffee into a pleasant and useful experience.
Beautiful Brissie

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