20130607_115024I’ve gone from 23 to 18.5 kilos. I’m not talking about my body but my baggage. When I started out as a house sitter, I had a huge back bag with all sorts of things in it. Things-possessions-I thought I couldn’t do without. Like a supersoft rug and high quality pillow.I was also attached to my old laptop with the missing letters “m” and “n”. I soon learnt that these were limiting attachments I could do without and in fact do better than I had ever previously by letting them go. After a few interstate house sits, I started to appreciate that wherever I went,country or city, I could always access what I needed And there were always recycled clothing and op shops from which I could replenish my needs after letting go of unnecessary things for the next housesit.
Winter or summer clothes could be acquired on arrival and shed just before flying out. But before I could enter into the spirit of healthy acquisition and disposal of material possessions, I had to let go of a lot of my mental attitudes and emotional behaviours about this process.

I have to be honest and say that there were some things I found it hard to let go of-not because of their inherent value but because of the energy they contained. Memories of wearing that top while cycling around Geraldton Harbour. The special ski pants on sale in Brisbane that reminded me of happy times having coffee with new friends. A picture drawn by my granddaughter Josie or jewellery on special in Samford. I’m learning that there is always enough in the universe. Wherever I go there are shops, and no matter how remote the place seems, a ubiquitous mall.
That old adage of the universe deploring a vacuum rings true and each time I pack my bag I have a beautiful chance to choose what I value and let the rest go Noosa River

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