Trusting Yourself

Trusting life“Trust your instincts;your mistakes might as well be your own as so someone else’s” Billy Wilder

I’ve discovered that when I trust myself, I can trust the cosmic flows of life. Others trust me as a result of my self-trust, too.Animals, particularly those who have suffered trauma at the hands of humans, also start to trust themselves and their instincts. I observe that shift when as a result of trusting themselves again they can decide to trust me. Trust does not equal control; no life is perfect and we do learn such a lot from our mistakes. But trust is that fragile living thread that builds relationships, communities, causes, groups and organisations. I experience it as a willingness to believe that life is on our side even when things going pear-shaped. But what the Hecker as my grand-daughter Josie says, that’s exactly when life turns into an adventure.Charlie
Trust somehow dissolves ties that bind out of fear and past habitual ways of thinking and being. You dont have all the answers when you trust and that’s a good thing

because you can then become open to partnering with the divine flows of life.

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