Healing animals

SkippyAnimals heal us. Just by being who they are, living in their essence in the present moment, they teach us to be our natural selves and enjoy life. They also teach us about unconditional love and how letting go is always a part of that state. Animal companionship is a big part of the joy of the house sitting lifestyle. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with so many lovely pets-dogs, cats, chickens, horses, birds, fish and turtles. Each  one has their own story to tell and gift to share. Like a lot of humans, some have trauma in their past and  being with us can help them to heal. I discovered that the values which are important to me like freedom, trust, adventure and fun are equally important to the pets I care for and have come to love. In future posts, I’ll be sharing stories on some of the these pets. As humans we can often feel that we are the superior species but if we can listen to our pets we will discover that it is they who have chosen us and in doing so, feed and care for our souls.Gentle Sam

4 thoughts on “Healing animals

    1. Hi Josie
      Nice to hear from you! Hope all is well in your beautiful part of the world. Its bloody hot down here, have been going to the pool with the grandkids each day. Both the photos were taken in Queensland, Tewantin and Samford. Im still learning ab lout blogging but it is really opening up my world. I enjoy getting the likes and follows and connecting with some many interesting people out there. I’ll be Brissie in early March so lets catch up for a coffee then. I now have to learn how to copy a story into my blog. Keep well and pay absolutely no attention to SallyAnne!
      Love Kate


  1. Animals are such wonder companions. Whether domestic or living with us on this beautiful planet. Where I live here in the forest there are quolls, bandicoots, echidnas, wallabies, pademelons, possums galore as well as lots of birds. As they get to know and trust me they are often close by, at times within a metre or two. I am privileged to share their company.


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